Lessons are divided into sessions as follows:

  • Fall Session 2018: September 4 – December 23

  • Winter/Spring Session 2019: January 7 – May 31

  • Summer Session 2019: June 1 – August 31

Tuition for lessons in the Fall and Winter/Spring Sessions are paid for on a monthly basis while lessons in the Summer Session are flexible and based on demand. Students must pay for a minimum of four lessons in the Summer Session in order to be guaranteed a spot in the schedule for the Fall Session.

Attendance is expected for all lessons and time lost due to student’s tardiness will not be made up. Please call or text the number below if you will be later than five minutes. The lesson will be forfeited after 15 minutes in the case of no-show/no-call. In the event of teacher tardiness, the full lesson will still be given, or the time will be made up at a later lesson.



Private individual lessons are conducted on a weekly basis, for 45, 60, or 75 minutes, depending on the assessed level and development of the student. The rates for in-home lessons may depend on distance travelled, but typically are:

  • 45 minutes – $65/lesson

  • 60 minutes – $75/lesson

  • 75 minutes – $85/lesson

For new students, there will be a one-time registration fee of $50 added to the first month’s tuition.

Payments made during the school year (September – May) must be received by the first lesson of the month, or by the 15th of the month, whichever comes first. Payments made during Summer Session must be received by the first lesson of the month. A $10 late fee will be assessed on all late payments. You may pay by cash, personal check (payable to JULIE BARWICK MUSIC), credit card, or PayPal. PayPal payments may be accepted at If mailing a check, please mail to the address found in your registration packet.

Families should expect a yearly increase in tuition appropriate to cost of living increases and services offered.



Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance in order to qualify for a make-up lesson. Exceptions will only be made for illness if the teacher is notified four hours before the scheduled lesson time.

During the school year (September 1 – May 31), there will be a maximum of three make-up lessons allowed. Families are expected to pay for additional lessons that are missed due to school concerts, sporting events, travel plans, other activities, etc. Exceptions may be made for illness.

If the teacher needs to cancel the lesson for any reason, the lesson will be made up or credited at the teacher’s discretion.



Students will be informed of the required materials and are responsible to purchase these directly from the store or online, unless otherwise provided by the teacher. If the teacher purchases new books or materials for the student, payment (cash or check only) is required at the time of purchase. The cost of materials and fees for participation in festivals, evaluations, competitions and other activities may also be charged separately.

Borrowed materials which have been subsequently lost by the student will be charged the replacement cost.



Students are expected to:

  • Treat the teacher, the teacher’s property, and other students respectfully

  • Complete practice and written assignments

  • Bring required lesson materials and books to each lesson

  • Keep fingernails short and trimmed prior to practice and lessons

Students should practice on an acoustic piano that it is regularly tuned (approximately once every 6–12 months). Keyboards are not acceptable. It is recommended that the student practice at an appropriate height/distance from the piano and in an environment that is relatively free from distractions. Parents are welcome to attend and quietly observe the lesson. However, if a parent’s presence is disruptive to the concentration and efforts of the student, the parent may be kindly asked to wait outside until the end of the lesson.



To discontinue lessons, the student must provide at least one month’s advance written notice to the studio, during which month the tuition has been paid in full. If the student does not provide one month’s advance written notice, the student shall be liable for one month’s tuition in full, even if no lessons are provided during that month.

The teacher reserves the right to discontinue lessons for any reason, at the sole discretion of the teacher. If the teacher terminates lessons, tuition will be pro-rated up to the last lesson taken and a refund provided, if applicable. The reasons for discontinuation may be:

  • Persistent absences or excessive tardiness

  • Lack of progress due to insufficient practice

  • Uncooperative attitude

  • General dislike of lessons

Effective: September 1, 2018